outfit: LWD & Statement Necklace

LWD outfit LWD outfit LWD outfit LWD outfit LWD outfit

I am all for a LWD moment and one that feels like you’re wearing nothing is an even better plus! This dress was such a random find last summer and I am so happy I got it! I wear my LWD with just about anything and into fall with jackets and vests! When shopping for one confirm their in a liner!! That is the WORST when you find a dress you love and it’s too cheer to wear practically.

This necklace is from my friend Sarah’s studio that I posted about on Tuesday! I love her chunky pieces that add a touch of boho to even the preppiest shirt!

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beauty favorites & #nsale Beauty

beauty favorites

I have become slightly obsessed with skincare recently, trying out new products and adding a few to my must have list. So I wanted to share not only my current beauty favorites but also some great beauty products from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It is kind of long but I give real reviews haha!

1- Clarins Self Tanner ! I was always really afraid of self tanners, nervous they would make my skin orange. A few weeks ago while staying at a friends house I tried out her Clarins Tanner and became obsessed! The smell doesn’t bother me but I know it does for some people so you really just have to get over it! I have found that mixing it with your normal lotion works best and helps it evenly distribute. I will apply at night, let it dry for as long I have the patience too, than go to sleep and wake up GLOWING! TBH it has gotten a little weird on my arms but that is pre mixing it with lotion.

2- Glossier Soothing Face Mist! For a while I felt like everyone was talking about rose mists and I didn’t really understand the hype. I can’t say that I now fully understand what roses in skin products do for you but this shit is awesome! I used to only spritz after I washed my face (wish Glossier Milk Jelly) but have been using it over my makeup recently. Another thing I never understood, spritzing something on top of your makeup?! Why the hell would you do that?! Well one, it feels heavenly on a hott day and two, if you skin is dry it gives it a little extra dewy glow!

3- Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint! This is my first foundation-y product from Nars and I am impressed! My goal was something with decent coverage, as I have uneven skin, but nothing too heavy for the summer. It may have the word “matte” in it but really it’s just not oily. The skin tint has a semi mousey consistency, which makes it super easy to spread and allows you to not need a lot. I wear it in “Light 1”.

4- Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment! I have always been a fan of Kiehls, they have reasonable prices for good products and I enjoy the simple packaging!  This eye cream has actually started to reduce the dark circles under my eye and I find myself not needing as much concealer…AMEN!

5- Ponds Cold Cream! My pal Virginia tells me ‘only you and old ladies use this’!  After years of my mother trying to force it on me I finally gave up. She was always telling me I was wasting money on makeup remover wipes (truth!) and looking like a druggie if I didn’t get everything off (eye roll!). Throw a cotton ball in the jar and rub your eyes all you want, it never stings and in fact kind of feels good! Another TBH/ veteran trick, my eye lids seem to be oddly prone to tiny little cysts (gross I know) and ponds gave me a few. SO here is the veteran trick, when you’re done removing your eye makeup run the other side of the cotton ball under water and wipe over your eyes. It will get any excess cold cream and leave you cyst free!!!  I realize the fact that I said it has given me cyst doesn’t make you at all want this but I promise it is AMAZING. Ponds will save you money and that only happen to me because I was leaving too much on my eye where it doesn’t belong.

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outfit: Jean Shorts and a Blazer

jean shorts and blazer jean shorts and blazer jean shorts and blazer jean shorts and blazer jean shorts and blazer jean shorts and blazer

I love the pairing of something sexy with something classic, like jean shorts and a blazer! The mix of country / I feel on the verge of ‘lord get her out of those things’ and a classic piece such as a blazer makes for a sexi but semi sophisticated outfit. The South is hella hott but you also are in air conditioning at all times possible! With that, light layers are a must no matter how silly you look until you’re the one not shivering in the freezer aisle.

This necklace from my friends jewelry line, Ever Alice, is my favorite!! It is currently sold out but she told she would be restocking this week so keep checking! All of Sarah’s pieces are beautiful and she offers a great price range! The one I am wearing reminds me  of the super pricey Lana Jewelry ones that are WAY out of my budget. Necklaces like these are perfect for an extra sexy statement, brining a little glam to your chest is always a perk right?

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outfit: hunter bell top

Hunter Bell Shirt prada and peonies. Hunter Bell Shirt hunter bell top hunter  bell hunter bell shirt I am obsessed with this Hunter Bell top! When it arrived more than one of my friends said “wow that is SO you!” and it really is!! Anything striped with a cutesy flair I love!  I am semi biased because she is based out of my home town of Houston but I think you’ll love her too! She offers fun prints, girly shapes and the perfect dresses.

If you are in Houston you should check out her sample sale she is having tomorrow!

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