a little bit of luxe

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Coach is a brand that has come and gone in my book, for a while it got a little ” C C C pattern” and less classic looking. But in the past few years they have been revamping and going back to their roots, more leather less C C C patterns. They added the edgy studs to classic bags and started using saffiano leather more! Okay moving on, this little card holder, how cute right? Perfect to throw into your clutch when there is not nearly enough room for your big wallet full of receipts and reward cards. Oh and the best part is you can monogram (initials to be technical) it! The monogram (stamp, silver or gold) goes right on the back under the pocket adding the perfect touch of personalization to a easy card holder. Second best thing…it is only $38! Great gift for a girl friend who always seems to be loosing her shit…or for yourself

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