a non juice detox

So I have started a life detox of the sorts. It started as a challenge from someone but now I have taken it on as my own because I have accepted (challlllennngeeee accceppppted- in a Barney Sinson voice) and have come to terms with it. I am not shopping for the next 6 months, excluding accessories. Because lets be real I need one thing that I can treat myself too every once in a while…going cold turkey never works in addiction treatment, trust me I was a psychology major. Not that I am saying I was or am addicted to shopping but I am not the most fiscally responsible person and that does not fly too much post grad, unless I want to move back into my parents house and be “that kid”.

So what does a fashion blogger not shopping mean for her fashion blog? That you will see repeats, not repeated outfits but a lot of great pieces re-styled. Being able to wear a piece many different ways is the number one requirement I have when I shop; so now it is really going to be put to the test. I in no way hope to bore you but inspire you on how to wear things you may already have but not thought about for a while, how to wear that shag jacket again for the 4th time even though people call you a mop! Oh and TONS of similar items for you to shop!

What do you think? Should I series this as well? Confessions of a non shopping blogger? I may every so often just to get it out, share with you the hardships (ha brat alert) of not shopping but then hopefully what I have learned from it.


7 thoughts on “a non juice detox

  1. Good for you! Once you start working a full time job, it’s honestly a lot easier to do because you don’t have so much free time to go out and go shopping! Good luck :)

    xx Kelsey – tortoiseinthesun.com

  2. Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you remix and re-style. I think as much fun as shopping is, there’s something that feels so great about putting together a great outfit with things you already have!

  3. good luck! i can’t wait to see what you come up with! i am trying not to shop right now since i know that i need to get furniture and save for a new car! (and not going to lie, i am totally the girl living at home right now. i found the perfect studio and then my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and what do you know, i am staying here until she is done with treatment…)

  4. I did this a few years ago, my exception was pants because I’ve always had a difficult time finding well fitting pants. But I’m thinking I might have to do it again. I’m inspired by you. And my own wardrobe, full of things I’ve never worn (mostly because I attend class in yoga pants, oops). School and holiday shopping is making my budget really really realllyyyy tight, plus it’s just a good challenge. I think a challenge like this separates the “good at following trends” from the “stylish.”

    I look forward to see how you do! Best of luck!

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