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  • Decided to keep the jacket because if I’m going to have anything new this season it has to be something special! #liketkit
  • Happy Hanukkah! I don't have a menorah and @rebeccalunstroth didn't invite me over so first night is a fail...TG there are 7 more nights of this holiday for me to a better Jew 😉 #hanukkah
  • Kicking off  #TLoSNoNewClothes series - will always link the closest I can find or identical! Feel free to ask me if you have specific question! #liketkit
  • 12.7.17 wearing out this trendy sleeve before the year is over! #liketkit #TLoSNoNewClothes
  • Shopping your own closet tip: pair new this season pieces with last years favorites for new outfits! This tee and jacket I've had for years but never worn with slouchy jeans! #liketkit #ltkstyletip #TLoSNoNewClothes
  • I've made the executive decision that everyone needs a navy turtleneck. You'll thank me, promise #liketkit

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